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28th November 2006

That is all.

18th July 2006

11:23pm: TV Show Characters!
Alright so Elena and I got to talking about how funny "Friends" is, and she mentioned how Myo was just like Chandler and myself much like Monica. So we started naming the people in our group, of course there arn't enough characters in friends so we used "Reba" and "Everybody loves Raymond". I was alot of fun, so i'm going to write them up here.

Monica: Me
Chandler: Myo
Rachel: Allie
Ross: Michael
Pheobe: Elena
Joey: James
Amy: Jenna
Ursula: Nicole
Gunther: Jeremy.....because they both have blonde hair Elena said

Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra: Keeley
Ray: Davie
Robert: Marshall.....I also think kinda Eric but whatever
Amy: Roni

Reba: Monica
Cheyanne: Jenelle

Now Eric was difficult, Elena decided he would be best at playing a creepy guy in a TV sereies, so we decided on "Ugly Naked Guy" from Friends and "Peter" from Everybody Loves Raymond. Now I think Eric is neither Ugly or creepy but that's the fun in naming people i guess.
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4th July 2006

10:37pm: Songs
So I'm really board, everybody went to Marshy's and I didn't want to go so I stayed home. I'm talking to Mario right now, which is nice because we havn't had the chance to talk in a while, or see him in a while for that matter.
I decided that I would post "our songs" on here for fun, I don't have one with everybody but I would like too.

Group Song
Freinds to the End- Relient K

Mine and Allie's Song
Drops of Jupitor- Train

Mine and Mario's Song
With or Without You- U2

Mine and Keeley's Song
Brown Eyed Girl- I'm not sure who that's by....

Mine and Jenelle's Song
Temperature- Shaun Paul
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7th June 2006

5:09pm: FUN!
I don't care what you say this was really fun!
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9th May 2006

8:01pm: Sounds like fun filled beyond belief!
Hey, I though it was about time for an update since I haven't done that in like a month. I got baqck from Europe a little couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun, so far the most memoral experience of my life. We went to London and Paris. In London we saw, the Tower of London, We went on the Millenium Eye, we went to Windsor Castle, Oxford, Stratford, we visited Anne Hataways cottage, saw big ben and westminster abbey, Went to the changing of the gard at Buckinghem Palace, St Paul's Cathedral and went to mass in Westminster Cathedral. Then we took the Eurostar to Paris. We went up the Eiffel Tower, went to Notre Dame, The Louvre and The Palace of Versailles. It was so awsome. I jus thave some quotes that were said that i'll put here now.
Marsy: Only real men carry pink and flowery suitcases!

Keeley: You know if I go to Europe i'm going to want to go back!

Ben: Way to get lost and die!

Me: Hey we have lemon water! This place is fancy smancy!
Keeley: ...I ate my lemon....

Matt: These are the strange looking creatures we encountered today.
Keeley: Sheep?

Me: Hey the mini eggs are different in Europe, they're.....different.

Allie: Shawna has to leave something to the imagination!
Me: I got Michael.

Marsy: But you can hear me talking!
Keeley: no!

Allie: Staff was my favorite part of Europe!

Me: We will have socializing hour!

Keeley: I like your plan!
Me: My ipod plan?
Keeley: Yeah I wanted to listen to mine but you wre looking out the window and I thought you were being all cultured, so I was going to pretend to be cultured to!

Shabbo: The next time you order pizza without me i'm going to kick you ass!

Shabbo: I'm a queen!
Marshy: Did you just say you were a queen?
Shabbo: I'm beautiful....

Keeley: DAVIE!!! I mean Marshy!

Cam: It's because I smoke, everything on this body is small...we'll not everything...didn't think of that...

Me: this is stressing me out!

Tanner: The're nor anti depressants, they're just happy pills!

I forgot we also went to see Les Meserables, it was amaxing!

Anyways, our first tour booking was this weekend. It was so much fun, I can't wait for next weekend! We billited with people and mine and Keeley's were great. anyways here's a couple quotes. I'm sure there are much more but this is all I can think of at the moment.

(everyone lying on each other and cuddiling backstage)
Rhys: All we need now is to be drunk!
Me: and Naked!

Michael: Come join the giant drama orgi!

Marshy: Oh my TOM!
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12th April 2006

11:51pm: That's about true....
You scored as Romanticist. Romanticism encourages society to look backwards to find our solutions. Your rationale is that things were much better a few hundred years ago so we should thus look back to those times and replace them in our modern society. You believe in a simple life and that the complexities of the modern world have turned it upside down.






Cultural Creative












What is Your World View? (updated)
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3rd April 2006

10:27pm: Festival
So Festival is coming up this weekend, and i've been pulling like 12 hour days at the school but it's been so much fun. I'm just posting up some quotes here so i'll remember them when I do up my thinger for Festival and Tour so ya.

The Quotes From Rikki's
Michael: $3300 oven and they can't heat a plate of spagetti!
Waitress: Can i help you with something?

Michael: Cold Spagetti, Warm Ice Cream, Dry Pop....

Marsy: My Tomatoe is hotter then your spagetti

Marshy: It's ok I have a soul coupon!

Marsy: We will make and offering to Jesus, we can through the cake at the rook and if it sticks Jesus accepts it, if half sticks but half falls down he wants to share, if it all falls down Jesus isn't hungry.

Sakura: Are you kidding we won't even make it to Purgatory, we'll be walking up the Purgatory later then it will turn into a slide and down to hell we go!

THen there was the whole German Pope thing but that involved actions, but it was really funny.

Now the funniest thing of the day.
Jenelle: Marco!
Tharin: I almost broke my neack!
You won't get it but oh my gosh it was freaking hillarious, i'm still laughing!
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15th March 2006

8:40pm: Quiz
You're the best -- you know it, as does everyone

else (except for US News and World Report

every few years). You might not be hip, you

might not be pretty, but you're smart as a

whip and you never need to do another

impressive thing in your life.

Which Ivy League University is right for YOU?
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11th March 2006

1:10am: I Wanna Play This Game Too!
NINE lasts:

9. last cigarette: Nevar
8. last kiss: like December
7. last movie: Jarhead
6. Last crush: well Joel duh
5. last cd played: a burnt one
4. last bath: I got a shower this morning
3. last time you cried: ummmm On the band trip when we watched Armegeden
2. last relationship: Like a real relationship? A year or two ago i spose
1. last purchase: A postcard

EIGHT have you evers..
8. have you ever dated one of your best friends: yup
7. have you ever skinny dipped: no
6. have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: No
5. have you ever fallen in love: That's a complicated question
4. have you ever lost someone you loved: yes
3. have you ever been depressed: nope I have had nothing to be depressed about, except maybe Roni finishing FMA without me but i'm moving on!!! :)
2. have you ever been drunk and threw up: No
1. have you ever run away: yup

SEVEN cities you've slept in

1. Edmonton
2. Estevan
3. Vancouver
4. Toronto
5. St. Johns (Newfoundland)
6. Minisota
7. Jasper

SIX things you've done today..

1. Shower
2. Do my make up
3. did some homework
4. went to Jenelle's
5. listen to music
6. ate food

FIVE favorite things to do in no order:

1. Hng out with my friends
2. Read Harry Potter
3. Write
4. Play Video Games and Watch Anime
5. Read Fanfictions

FOUR people you can tell anything to (in no particular order):
1. My Mom
2. Allie
3. Roni
4. Keeley

THREE wishes..
1. To always stay close to my friends
2. Travel the world
3. To do something involving History

TWO things you want to do before you die..
1. Have a family
2. Travel the world

ONE thing you regret..
1. I don't have any regrets

FIFTY-ONE things you might not know about me
1. What is your middle name?
I have 3, Lee Anne Evelyn

2. What size is your bed?
Queen maybe

3.What are you listening to right now?
Gone by Switchfoot

4. What are the last 2 digits in your house phone number?

5. What was the last thing you ate?
Ice Cream

6. Last person you hugged?

7. how is the weather right now?
Plenty of snow, grey sky, ugly as hell and cold

8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Eyes and Smile

10. Are you Irish?
You bet!

11. Do you want children?
Yes, I want atleast

12. Do you drink?
only when my parents are present and give me permission

13. Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night?

14. Hair color?

15. Eye color ?
brown, but sometimes look hazel

17. Favorite holiday?
My birthday

18. Favorite season?

19. Ever cried for no reason?

20. Last movie you watched?

21. How many mirrors are in your room?

22. Do you know any fall out boy songs other than "sugar we're goin down & dance dance?
Yup, i really like Chicago is so two years ago at the moment

24. Do you enjoy the sensational taste of starbucks?
Tom Hortins all the way

25. Does the word "horcrux" mean anything to you?
Are you kidding! Crazy Harry Potter fan here! Personally I think that Harry's Scar will be a Horcrux, and RAB is Regulus Black!

26. Do you have any friends of the gay preference?

27. Do you think jesus is great?
Yes I do, he saved us

28) What books are you reading?
THe Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Harrry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

30. Piercings?
My Ears and nose

31. Top 5 favorite movies:
The Harry Potter Series, The Star Wars Series, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pearl Harbor, The Ring

32. favorite college football team?
I dunno

33. What were you doing before filling this out?
I read Roni's

34. Any pets?
1 fat ass cat

35. Dogs or cats?
Cats but I love Siberian Huskies

36. Favorite flower?
hmmm Pink Lillies i think

37. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to?
no i'm very stealth

38. Have you ever loved someone?
Uh my family and friends

39. Who would you like to see right now?

40. Are you still friends with your exs?
yeah, Clintin and I are still good freinds

41. Have you ever fired a gun?

42. Do you like to travel by plane?

43. Right or left-handed?

44. What are your regrets?
I Don't have any regrets

45. How many pillows do you sleep with?

46. Are you missing someone?

47. Do you have a tattoo?
Not yet

48.Do you still watch cartoons on saturday morning?

49. Are you hiding something from someone?
nope i'm not, but i'm keeping stuff my friends have to me secret

50. Do you play an instrument?

51. what instrument would you like to play?
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27th February 2006

9:28pm: Shadow Hearts
You are Margarete
Margarete Zelle: You're sexy, independent, and

cunning. Even though you often don't think

out your actions things always seem to work

out in the end for you.

Which Shadow Hearts Character are you? (with images)
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23rd February 2006

9:23pm: Update
So nothing exciting happening over here excpet for today we had a motivatioval speaker at school. He was really funny and I GOT TO HOLD A PEICE OF THE BERLIN WALL!!! It was so cool! Yeah i'm a nerd.
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7th February 2006

9:58pm: Alright so today we went to set up at Father Gorman for the Fishermen song retreat thing tommorow. They had the cutest little chairs for the little ones, awww they were so tiny I had to sit in them whenever I got the chance. Me and Keeley were walking down the hallway holding hands, and Mr.Lockheart or now know as "Locky" is walking behind us with a pure look of horror on his face. WOW it was hillarious. Anyways so everybody on Fishermen has a nickname, well except for Theorin but that changed today.
Keeley: Theorin needs a nickname!
Me: Yeah!
Keeley: Thear Thear!
Me: No!
Amanda: From here on our he shall be known as... Thear-Bear!!!!
Keeley and Me: YES!!!!
Thear Bear: NO! You are not calling me that!
Me: Of course we are Thear-Bear.
Oh it was funny! He is such a little cutie!

Anyways More quotes
Me: You have issues.
Keeley: No You have issues.
Me: nope you!
(Keeley plugs ears)
Keeley: NA NA NA

(Keeley and Me look at each other)
Keeley:....He said confide for like 10 minutes it's not our fault!

Shawna: The keyhole to your soul!!!!

Jenelle: He's gone loopy!

Keeley: I've made the executive decision that I think it's OK to have sex when your engaged.
Me:.....But your not sure?

Me: Who do I love the most????
Roni: YOu make it sound like an evil plot. (Pretends to stroke gotee) Who do I love the most?

Me: Are you calling me stupid?

Mario: Me and Michael are the tall ones who put up with all the crap.
Me: We do not fight over crap!
Jenelle: Yes we do.
Me: No we don't!
Jenelle: Yes WE DO!

Mrs. T: Here's a good oxymoron. Military Intelligence.

Keeley: That's you and Joel eating spagethi!
Me: I don't like spagheti.
Keeley: Thats you and Joel eating fetachini alfrado with pepsi, well wine or pepsi? hmmmm yea pepsi.
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31st January 2006

7:23pm: Semester 2
Alright so today was the 2nd first day of grade 11. I started semester two today, and it honestly wasn't as bad as I thought. I think I can make it through, i'm going to try anyways. It is true that I have one calss with Coates but i'm trying to move on, I'm good at Bio so it should be OK. I do miss history already so I hope that my friends taking history will let me do their work for them, because I don't mind! I had to drop Drama to take English B30 and MS. C is not pleased, now i;'m foever in dept to her. Oh well.
So this is my schedule
Early Bird: Band
Period One: Chemistry 30
Period 2: Biology 30
Period 3: Math B30
Period 4: CE
Period 5: French
Period 6: English B30
What a hell of a morning het? Yikes. Alright well i'm off to read fanifctions.
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29th January 2006

1:11am: :)
Ok hello, just got back from Mario's house watching a movie and got to see Jenna. We watched Wedding Crashers, again. I'm so tired of watching that movie. Whatever majority rules I guess. I'm just waiting for Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles to finish downloading so I can watch the first episode before bed, then maybe another one tomorrow morning. Going to Edmonton tomorow and won't be home until Monday, then on Tuesday a new semester starts and all the hard classes. :( that sucks. Whatever i'm tired and not in a very happy mood, but then I showed all my mom's friends our psych AMV and they loved it and started making all these comments. It was great so that lifted my spirits a bit. Well i'm off.
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26th January 2006

10:17pm: YAY!
EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! They are finally done a week of stress and now i'm going to sleep for a week, I love it. I know I did good on all of them except math, but I don't think I failed so that's good.

Tooday we had a video game marathon at Roni's today, it was soooo much fun. We have to do it again, itf the freaks of nature who don't like or play video games came. WE had a soul calibour tournament and Allie, someo one who doesn't like video games, kicked everybody's ass! It was Hilarious! After that we went swimming and it was good fun today except I forgot to take out my contacts so that was really annoying, Keeley and Jenelle showed us their Synchro routine, it's so cute. The only bad thing is i'm alergic to Chlorine so now i'm sick, blah.

Kay but funny quote as per usual. Micheal threw me in the air at the pool and I fell under water and swallowed a whole bunch of water so I was like chocking then Jermeny goes:
Jeremy: Are you OK, were going to have to get the lifegaurd girl give you mouth to mouth!
Me: (in between coughing) It could atleast be a hot girl.....
(Jeremy gives greates look of horror ever)
Me: I was kidding!

WEll now i'm going to watch Cardcaptors, Amanda lent it to me, I LOVE CARDCAPTORS!!! Then play Shadow Hearts and then read Narnia. Nightie Night.
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16th January 2006

4:01pm: On Mario's Orders
Yay, today was a good day because Mario Finally came home! I missed him lots and lots. Now he can help me with Chemistry and I may not fail and have to be a bumb on the streets. Welcome back Mario, I luv you!
Anyways Keeley and Allie are at odds end, it gives me a headace. But i'm going to listen to Mario and not let them get me involved or between them. They can sort it on their own.
Going to a post secondary education information night tonight, it could be fun and it will be intersting.
WE'll i'm going to go and update my ipod then study math because of the Mock final tomorrow. I hope I don good!
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14th January 2006

8:12pm: Complain
I miss photoshop! It's so sad!!!!
Current Mood: indifferent

12th January 2006

6:04pm: Complain!
Hello, I'm supposed to be studying Chemisty but after an hour my head hurts so i'm taking a little break and updating my LJ. Yeah i'm so angry about Chem because my teacher only has one mark for the second term and it was my only bad mark in the class and it broght my 87% down completely! I'm bitter and it better go back up to an 87% or i'm going to through a bitch fit and everyone around me will be running for cover!
Well here's a funny quote from me and Michael that you wont get because it's an inside joke but it's funny all the same.
Shawna: i don't feel well.
Michael: Are you Pregnant?
Shawna: Michael, we can't have another tomato!
Alright well back to work, I will study till i drop!!!
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4th January 2006

6:04pm: Quiz
What kind of Soul are you(with awsome anime pics)

brought to you by Quizilla

Your soul color is White: you have pure intentions and are perfect in everyway, you're basicly an angel from the heavens. everyone looks to you for light and no one can be mad or sad around you. few can hate you. but there are still those who do. other than that you are an all around great person to be with.

1st January 2006

5:08pm: Happy New year!
Hey World, Happy New year. Welcome to 2006. I hope everyone has a wonderful year!
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25th December 2005

7:57pm: I Almost forgot, i got the wonderful. awsomest survivol horror game sequel on the planet. FATAL FRAME III: THE TORMENTED!!!!
7:49pm: Christmas Wishes
Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day with friends and family, and got a good haul of presents. I know I did. I got my ipod, it's a fantastic little device! Got $150.00 in gift cerificates for Bootlegger, Coles (Manga and History books, YAY!), and Mariposa, because I love to dress yup. I got make-up and hair stuff and bath stuff and earings. I got 3 books that I really wanted- ALexander the Great, Marie Antoinette and Memories of a Geisha.Pajama's, slippers, undergarmets, and the coolest overshirt ever. Also 3 new collectors barbies. My dad is also taking me to pick up a new Bible this week. i asked for one but he said that I should get to pick it out.

Anyways, have fun with all your new gadgets, talk to you in the new year!
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23rd December 2005

12:38pm: Nothing Much
Oh hey all, What's shakin? Not to much over this way, school is finally out for Christmas break! I'm so happy, I didn't think I was going to make it through the last week of schhol. I just wanted to fall dead in the hallway!

Anyways the crew came over here last night, it was alot of fun. We watched two Monty Python movies. The Holy Grail is definitly the funniest. Allie and James were in my room until my mom found out and kicked them out. It was really funny. Then me and Allie gave everybody levels, but levels of what i'm not going to say. I'm a level two.

ALright well that's all I have to say, well excpet I just got my hair cut but that's not all that interesting is it? bye bye.
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